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DR. A.K. Dwivedi


Asthma is a pulmonary diseases (pulmonary i.e. all diseases pertaining to lungs) and it affects the lungs with inflammation that cause airways to become narrow. It usually strikes the lungs intermittently and cause thousands of deaths each year.

A person in asthma may experience stiff chest, persistent or night cough and difficulty in breathings. Asthma can be developed or arised by allergies where its onset occurs during the stressful time like pregnancy, infection, a grief etc.

While the modern treatments and medications don’t provide any cure to patients and these are very frightening moments for children and adults to survive against asthma attack. But, there is a different story with homeopathy.

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Asthma Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy provide the best treatment and relief from symptoms of asthma without any side effects. That’s why it is one of the safest option for babies and old aged people as well. A certified homeopathic practitioner doesn’t provide any suppression of symptoms but it treats the disease from its root cause. However, the homeopathic treatment course may vary from individual to individual as it depends on various factors like age of person, medication/treatment taken in past, genetic factor, seasonal variations, frequency of attack, severeness of disease etc.

With years of experience of successfully treating Asthma Patient at Advanced Homeopathic Clinic shows that the most of the people shown significantly improved condition over their symptoms.

At Advanced Homeo Health Center, we are responsible for in depth case study and history of patient. Not only, we approach the physical aspect of the subject but also his/her emotional makeup. Whatever the stages of asthma you are suffered from, you should approach as soon as possible for a professional homeopathic treatment and for sure, you wouldn’t get any side effect.

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